Video Services

Multi-camera location live switching to video projector and Pro-res HD Recording

Blackmagic ATEM 1

Up to 8 HD (high definition) cameras (or laptop DVD playback)

Jay Z1 Danny cam Caitlin GY700



Our digital video services offer video dubbing and encoding
(from VHS, DV, DVCam, HDV, DVCPro, Beta SP)
onto DVD (optional copy with burnt-in time-code)
or Internet video streaming.

DVD authoring with or without interactive menus and cover

Video productions of Show Reels,
Music and Dance, Events and Festivals,
Corporate, Promotional and Training video.


Dubbing from-VHS to DVD (Realtime)
(up to 1hr) $30
Minimum Charge $30
Dubbing from-to DV / DVCam / HDV
(up to 1hr) $1/min
Minimum Charge $30

Dubbing from-to Beta SP
(up to 1hr) $2/min
Minimum Charge $50

- DVD-R Media & Burnt-In Timecode Optional -

DVD Software Encoding from VHS / DV(Cam) / HDV / SP Beta

- Digitize Video and Create MP2 File -
- DVD Author for First Play -
- Finish to DVD-R or DLT for Mass Duplication -

VHS to DVD dubbing

DVD Authoring

- DVD Authoring with Chapter Points - Subtitling -
- Photoshop Layers for Buttons - Chapters -
- Foreign Language Audio Tracks - Slide Shows -
- Interactive Video Menus (Motion Menus) - MP2 Encoding -
- Finish to DVD-R or DLT for Mass Duplication -

MP1, MP2, Real Video, Quicktime & Windows Media Encoding

- Compress Video for CD-Rom or WEB -
- Audio Noise Removal -

CD Authoring

Tapes & Discs Costs

DV 60 minute tape = $20
DVD-R 4.7GB = $5
DVCam 184 minute tape = $130
Betacam SP 30 minute tape = $50
CD-R 650MB = $5
Audio DAT 60 minute tape = $15
CDRom 650mb disk = $5
DDS3 12 GB Data Tape tape = $60
Globes Tota EME800 = $35
Omni GCY500 = $65
VHS 15 & 30 minute tape = $5
VHS 60 & 90 minute tape = $6
VHS 120 minute tape = $8
VHS 180 minute tape = $9

(rates do not include GST - updated August 23, 2008)
ABN 59 884 867 564

Teaching Notes


Pt1 Lenses

Pt2 Aperture

Pt3 Interview

Pt4 Sound Recording

Post Production

AVID Editing Techniques

Pt1 FCP Setup and Capture

Pt2 FCP Editing Techniques

Pt3 FCP Editing Techniques Sequence

Pt4 FCP Editing Techniques Basic FX

Pt5 FCP Editing Techniques Sequence trim and slip

Pt6 FCP Editing Techniques Sound Import and FX

Pt7 FCP Editing Techniques Titles and Youtube

Pt8 FCP Studio Compressor and DVD Studio Pro

Pt9 FCP Editing Techniques Multicamera Editing

Pt10 FCP Studio Motion intro pt1