A film by Andy Bambach & Martin Robson

Quality digital footage & soundtrack featuring local musicians


"Byron Bay 'supposedly' has a population of 5000 and yet 93 cafes and restaurants" Pete Castaldi

"In Byron Bay there is a coffee cart in the car park at Woolies, just in case you don't think you can make it across the road to the closest cafe" Mandy Nolan


Uncovers the bay's transition from an aboriginal 'meeting place' to a 'dirty industrial town', to a 'hippie hangout' and to a 'tourist mecca' and 'vortex of energy' that draws in more and more people every year


Life of Byron Section

Diverse range of people, choices and lifestyles weave a rich cultural tapestry. A continuous flow of visitors and residents create and recreate the ever-changing atmosphere with a backdrop of some of the most stunningly beautiful, powerful and lush natural environments on the east coast of Australia.


Byron Bay online video

The Reserve attracts 500,000 visitors every year and offers the best land based whale watching observation post in Australia. Surrounded with an abundance of natural attractions, workers in the reserve refer to it as the '360 degree classroom'. The Reserve is a base for such adventure activities such as diving, surfing, hangliding, swimming and walking and is also of important aboriginal significance.


Life of Byron Section

Both gurus and seekers arrive from all over the planet searching for truth, illusion, money, sex or just for a coffee. A spiritual centre for many, Byron offers a competitive, cacophony of religions, beliefs and opportunities for self-help, self-knowledge as well as eliminating the self.


Life of Byron Section

The Byron area has an amazing variety of high quality surf-spots. Footage covers some perfect Wategos' knee-highs as well as grinding 3 meter Lennox Head stand-up tubes to ride.