The Gathering - The Return of Whaledreamers


Ten years in the making, this full-length feature documentary is an experiential film / TV series for our times. It is a story of Dreaming and interwoven Dreams… taking us on a deep global journey into a forgotten magic that connects us all.

The wisdom of Indigenous Elders from around the world permeate the film, offering up the all too familiar warnings of where humanity seems to be going… but it also reflects back to us that we collectively can also come back from the edge of extinction… it is not too late. People around the world are waking up. For the first time on film Aboriginal Whale Calling ceremonies are being shared.

The Gathering is an invitation for us all to come back to the Fire... the Dreaming... and the Natural World.

About Section

The full-length feature documentary has been reedited into 3 parts (3 x half an hour) TV series currently shown on Message Stick TV of ABC Australia